To Bin or Not to Bin.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I often get so engrossed in buying new makeup that I sometimes forget to do a sweep of my current stash in order to weed out any items that should no longer be there!

Make up and skincare products all have a shelf life

That’s why it is important to regularly keep an eye on any products that have been in your collection for a while. Shelf life will vary from product to product. The way to tell what the shelf life of a product is, is by looking at the label on the back of the product. You will see a symbol (below) of an open pot containing numbers, these numbers specify the number of months this product can be used, from opening, before it is recommended “out of date”.

It’s important to check for any out of date make up regularly as really old products can harbour bacteria and cause irritation. 

Here’s a list of approximate shelf life:

Lipsticks - 2 years
Lipgloss - 6 months (If it begins to smell funny.. Bin it!)
Liquid Foundations - up to 24 months
Serums and Moisturisers - 6-12 months
Make up Brushes - Wash once a week for heavy usage or 2-3 times a month
Mascara - up to 3 months (Wipe excess mascara off before closing to ensure lid closes securely)
Nail Polish - up to 5 years (Wipe the bottle neck after use with acetone to stop air getting in)

If it has changed colour or consistency or smells funny it's probably time to let it go!

Do you have any tips for clearing through old makeup?

I’m not an expert and all products vary. I’m just sharing information I’ve found along my way.

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