Swingers London - The Crazy Golf Club.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Swingers London... (no not that kind) is a crazy golf course situated inside a converted warehouse in Shoreditch... 

The concept sounds a little shady - especially with a name like that. But it works, and it's definitely an experience that's for sure. 

The spacious warehouse houses a fun 9-hole crazy golf course. Each hole comes with a unique challenge - from beginner level to a more advanced level requiring slightly more skill than the others.. not so easy if you’ve been tempted by the cocktail bars also inside the venue. Drinks are welcomed on the course - adding to the fun.. as if trying to get a golf ball over a tiny bridge, round a corner, up a slope and into a tiny hole isn’t difficult enough without being intoxicated!

Favourite hole - Loop the Loop!

Along with the golf course and two bars, Swingers also invites along some of London’s best street food vendors through its doors. All depending on when you’re visiting, these alternating street food vendors have a short residency serving up some of their best known dishes. I was lucky enough to experience the delights of Pizza Pilgrims and Butchies Street Diner. Both served up great food (a special thanks goes to Pizza Pilgrims for making me an extra pizza after I realised I had mistakenly ordered the vegan pizza with no cheese! Doh!). Make sure to check out the calendar on the website to find out who will be serving up!

As soon as Swingers opened last year, tickets have been selling like hot cakes - often needing to book months in advance. I can definitely say it's a great experience, whether you’re with a friend, a group of mates or even a first date. The atmosphere and staff are so friendly and inviting, the food, the golf, the music - you’ll find it difficult to leave!

Sadly Swingers will be closing its doors at the end of this month and I’m sure a lot of people will be disappointed they didn't get to experience it. Fear not! They are set to re-open in a more permanent venue in the summer of 2015 hurray! Better start booking those tickets…

Pizza Pilgrims


A ground pass (£3) which you can buy in advance or at the door will get you entry into the building to enjoy all that is on offer except the golf course. A round of crazy gold will cost you £8, but if you buy in advance online you can buy a combined ground pass/one round of crazy golf for £10. 

  • Get there early! We arrived early and we were the first on the course, this meant we got to play an extra round as it wasn’t so busy. When the course gets into full swing (see what I did there..!) you may have to queue for the next hole depending on when the people in front of you finish.
  • Get your food early! The food is so good the queue builds up pretty quick. We had to wait at least 10 minutes. It’s also a good point to look for a table while you wait as these get snapped up pretty quick too! Crazy golf can get tiring you know..!
  • It’s pretty easy to get to via public transport, however there are single yellow lines/bay parking spots just outside the venue - you guessed it.. get there early to get a spot!

Happy Swinging!

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  1. I went there a couple of weeks ago (might have been there the same time you were, ha!) and meant to write a post about it ... it was so much fun! But it took AGES for them to open the doors ... blargh.

  2. I was there on the 21st Feb. We waited a while to go in too - didn't help as it was freezing outside! But it was a good laugh, I think it was a little small especially when it got busy, the course was crowded! Hopefully their new place will be a bit more spacious!





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