Adidas Gazelle OG

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Get ready for some retro love right here. 

Unfortunately we can't go back in time to those well loved memories of our childhood. But these retro Adidas Gazelle OG trainers are a serious throwback to yesteryear.

Now, these were definitely way before my time, but there's something about this simple and brilliant design that makes me think of my childhood. It was all so simple back then!

We all know about the latest trainer/sneaker trend that has taken the fashion scene by storm... and if you haven't noticed it then where have you been?! I'm all for a good pair of comfy trainers. I don't know if it's to do with them being so easy to wear or because I was a bit of a tomboy in my younger years..! Either way, I will always have at least one pair of trainers as part of my wardrobe, and I'm glad we're all finally embracing them.

I was in two minds whether to go for these or the Nike Free Run Flyknits, but me being me, I couldn't go for what 12 other people were trying on at the same time in the store... So I opted for these and I love them!

They are super comfortable and hug your feet in all the right places. As well as being comfortable I think they look great with so many different outfits. I'm wearing them with a pair of dark indigo skinny jeans here, but I can't wait for summer so I can rock them with a dress or some shorts. They also look slightly less casual than the Nike Free Runs, and I like that because I can team them up with some solid black skinny jeans and it will instantly smarten up the outfit. 

They have a suede upper which again I just adore. I am very much into suede at the moment, having bought two pieces of footwear and a handbag in suede in the last 3 months! These trainers also come in a range of gorgeous colours, the grey and bold pink being some of my faves, but I felt that the black and white was just such a classic - and that's what I'm all about! The white really pops against the black making them look very slick indeed. Very happy with this purchase!

What have been your choice of trainers/sneakers this season?

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