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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

From time to time I will re-visit some favourites when deciding where to grab some lunch or when I can’t think of where to eat.

One place I often find myself returning to in my hour of need is the Chicken Shop in Kentish Town (other locations available). This restaurant is simple but very effective, thus customers returning time and time again. Simple decor with a simple menu. 

As you enter the restaurant the flight of stairs with lead you down into the basement, where you are greeted with the bright flames of the rotisserie.

The restaurant is quite dimly lit which I'm not a fan of - I like seeing the food I'm eating! If you get the option to choose where you sit I would suggest at the bar/counter as it's right up and personal with the food and chefs, it also has better lighting. Weekends are also busier so be prepared to queue, and the music is louder, so don't expect a quiet meal. The staff are always friendly though and very helpful which is a plus. - Chicken Shop

The menu as mentioned is simple. There is a choice of chicken, chicken and chicken - just incase you hadn't guessed. All you have to do is figure out how hungry you are, then you decide whether you want whole, half or quarter. Next, add your sauce - hot or smokey.

There are a few choices of sides to go with your chicken, all of which I can honestly say are great. My favourite are the crinkle cut fries, the slaw and the garlic butter corn on the cob. So basically pretty much all of them! The chicken is definitely some of the nicest I've had when it comes to needing something that will hit the spot, it very much does the job. It's well cooked and there's lots of it! I can definitely count on the Chicken Shop to deliver when I need a simple satisfying meal and eating experience. 

If you manage to still have room for dessert, which I highly recommend you do, I would suggest you have a go at one (or more) of their desserts. I love the deep dish apple pie personally. They bring over the whole dish and serve you up a hearty slice of chunky sweet/cinnamon-y apple pie with a delicious thick pastry and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It finishes the meal off just right!

Check out some of the pictures below... - Chicken Shop - Chicken Shop - Chicken Shop - Chicken Shop

Have you visited the Chicken Shop? What's your go-to restaurant recommendation?

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