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Sunday, March 15, 2015

This weekend I found myself in Carnaby Street picking up a few essentials… and some not so essentials…!

I often find myself wandering into Kingly Court for food, but this time I revisited Carnaby Burger Co. I’ve been here before and the food was enjoyable, plus they do extra thick milkshakes - win!

It’s a pretty small restaurant with quite limited seating space available, so sometimes you may have to queue, but the wait is never too long. They serve a range of food including salads, traditional fish & chips and pasta - pretty good going for a burger company. The portions are very generous so we skipped the starters and went straight to mains.

I ordered ‘The Real Greek’ burger which consisted of tomatoes, onions, feta cheese and green pesto. Sounds pretty quirky for a burger but the ingredients actually work well; if you’re a lover of feta cheese and pesto like me this will definitely hit the spot. It’s also available in a vegetarian option like a few other meals on the menu, which I love because I know some places really lack in vegetarian options.

I opted for a side of ‘The Original Posh Fries’. Thick cut chips with a sweet chilli & ginger dressing and a dollop of guacamole. Again this may sound like a bit much, but I quite liked the combination of flavours. They also offer standard sides like fries, mixed salad and breaded onion rings if you’re not feeling so adventurous!

I have to make a point about their milkshakes! I love a good thick refreshing milkshake, and more often than not when I order them at restaurants they’re a bit of a let down. The restaurant may serve great food but they always lose points if they advertise a thick milkshake and serve flavoured milk! Carnaby Burger Co definitely live up to the thick milkshake! I went for Cookies & Cream - you can also add a shot of alcohol to make them a hard milkshake… always a good idea! They’re super thick and chunky.

The service on my previous visits have been great, unfortunately this time is was a bit of a let down. It was busy but I felt our waiter just wasn’t interested in us. We heard him reading out specials and offering suggestions to all the other guests, but not us. I’m a firm believer in good service and unfortunately on this occasion it wasn’t consistent so it was disappointing. Other than that it was a pretty good experience. The food was good and it’s a nice little place for a quick fuss-free lunch.


I love a good burger joint, let me know if you have any suggestions around London I should visit next!

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