Beautifully Lost. Weekend - The Diner

Sunday, March 22, 2015

This weekend was supposed to be a quiet one - but I ended up venturing out on Sunday morning because the sun was shining and its was too nice to stay in!

I usually like to have a lazy Sunday, doing not much at all - exciting I know! But when I was invited to go out for breakfast I couldn’t resist spending a few hours out in the sun (even if it was still quite cold outside!).

We went to The Diner on Gloucester Road, I’ve not been to this one before but I’m glad we did. Firstly it was a lot quieter than I expected which I liked; I wasn’t up for queuing at 9am! The service was swift and the food was pretty nice. I ordered The Diner Veggie Breakfast, we also had some French Toast and a Short Stack of pancakes! Not a big fan of French Toast but it wasn’t bad, the pancakes were definitely the star of the show!

Luckily we finished up just as soon as The Diner began to fill up with more people - good timing. We ventured out for a wander around, and I had a little browse in a few stores. 

I stopped by Brandy Melville as I’ve been meaning to go and check it out ever since Beautycrush mentioned it in one of her videos. I love this store, it reminds me of the States and brings back some lovely memories of all the great boutiques I stumbled upon whilst I was there. Brandy Melville have a relaxed, laid-back and fuss-free kind of collection. A lot of their clothes are one size and oversized. Definitely comfy clothes you can throw on in a hurry and still look great, I can see myself wearing their over sized tees a lot this summer. I purchased a cute New York sweater and a really pretty necklace with a cube charm. They do have a silly no returns policy though which isn’t very helpful, but they do offer exchanges and credit notes. 

Have you shopped Brandy Melville yet?

New York Sweater - £29
Cube Necklace - £7

Hope you all had a great weekend! x

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  1. What! I've never heard of Brandy Melville, so thanks for the introduction! Now I feel like I've been living under a rock. I love the Diner for quick-fix American cravings ... I used to go for their corndogs (I know that sounds gross, but I grew up with them) all the time.

    1. Not sure how long the store has been open here but there's one on Carnaby Street - check it out if you get a chance, let me know what you think! The Diner is definitely good for a naughty meal, I love American Diners! x





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