Beautifully Lost. Weekend - Covent Garden

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

This weekend I decided to spontaneously pop into Covent Garden - I've always loved this place.

It was a great little afternoon walking around, popping into some favourite stores as well as some newly discovered little gems I've not spotted before. I wasn't shopping for anything in particular but I love a good little browse!

After grabbing some lunch we headed off for a wander.. It was nice to just take in the surroundings without being in a rush to get somewhere - which is usually what most of my time in London is spent doing!

There's a cute little cafe called BB Bakery on the corner of Agar St, bustling with people taking a break from their busy shopping sprees and friends meeting up for afternoon tea. The macarons in the window looked lovely too! Must remember to go back and try them out.

You can't visit Covent Garden without a little walk to Neal's Yard. Its tucked away behind Neal St and it's definitely worth walking through if you're in the area. It's so pretty and inviting, I always feel like I've discovered a little secret garden with all the greenery and coloured buildings when I go there. I love this small area of serenity inside the crazy busy London surroundings. Homeslice is also located here, their pizzas are pretty epic - be prepared for a wait though it's a very popular place!

We spied some delicious looking chocolate covered strawberries in the window of Godiva and couldn't resist! £10 for some chocolate covered strawberries is pretty pricey but they were absolutely worth it. The chocolate was amazing and the giant strawberries were beautifully ripe - perfect combo!

We browsed through a few more shops and spotted some really pretty window displays - The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers had a beautiful arrangement in their window, spring is definitely here!
We also discovered Hardy's Sweetshop on New Row. An old-school traditional sweet shop which was pretty cool. They have a great range of traditional sweets it's worth popping in to get some of those classics like marshmallows, fudge and liquorice (no liquorice for me though - ew!).

We wandered round a bit more watching everyone enjoy the delights of the market and the food. It really is an easy choice when you're not sure of where to go for an afternoon in London. It may get a little bit touristy and busy - but hey that's the beauty of London.

Do you have any favourite places in London you just find yourself drawn towards?

BB Bakery
BB Bakery

Seven Dials. Monmouth St
Neal's Yard
Neal's Yard
Neal's Yard

The Covent Garden Academy of Flowers
Lola's Cupcakes
Hardy's Original Sweetshop

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  1. Love these photos! I work near Covent Garden, which is really bad for my paycheck ... but it's really the best place to shop and eat at! LOVE Homeslice. Game changer.

    1. Thank you! I love Covent Garden, it has just enough without being overwhelming.. And Homeslice is definitely a game changer!





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