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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sometimes when out in the city, after a long day of tube journeys and walking, I prefer a casual late lunch/early dinner. It's not always about having to go the the fanciest places, or the most top rated restaurants. Sometimes you just want somewhere fuss free and full of carbs! Enter Vapiano.

Vapiano is an Italian restaurant with a twist. When you enter you are handed a Vapiano card (think grey Oyster card) which is what you register your order on. Instead of being seated and waiting for a waiter/waitress to take your order, you walk over to the counter where you place your order with a chef, who will cook it right in front of you.

I love watching my pasta being cooked from scratch, it amazes me every time! They often make two at a time, so if you're with someone make sure to place your orders at the same time. You then tap your card on the machine which will place your order on to it. Grab your food and drink, grab a seat in the relaxed environment and enjoy!

The pasta is made fresh everyday and there is a choice from around 11 different pasta shapes. They also make fresh pizzas and salads. The only slightly annoying thing is the pizza and pasta queues are separate. So if you're with someone, and one person is ordering pasta and the other pizza, you'll be queuing separately and the food may not be ready at the same time. 

When you're ready to leave, you go up to the counter on your way out, they swipe your card and you pay - simple!

My favourite pasta is the Scampi E Spinaci. It's a lovely creamy pasta which I prefer to get with Penne, It comes with King prawns, basil, cherry tomatoes and spinach - it's delicious! They also give out fresh free sourdough bread with pasta orders, so don't forget to ask for it! Total carbicide, but amazing!

Happy eating!

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  1. Ahhh Vapiano... I agree the food is good but I hate the queueing system, I find it so anti-social! Great for a meal alone or, as as you said, with a friend that wants the same category of food as you!! Lots of love, Andrea xxx

    1. I totally agree with you Andrea! Plus It can get very over-crowded at peak times, which means a long wait. Although I find the Vapiano in Soho is a lot quieter than the one on Great Portland St - no queues when I went! It's not too bad for an informal quick dinner/lunch xx





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