Origins Haul - Part 2

Monday, May 04, 2015

So here it is, Part 2 of my Origins haul. I've already started using some of the products mentioned in Part 1 of the haul, and so far I'm loving the No Puffery cooling eye get the most.

I have also used the cleanser and the masks, but I will give it a little while longer before I make my mind up about them.

I will be giving all the products a good try and hopefully do a review/round up of how I found them.

Here are the rest of the things I picked up...

Ginger Soufflé
 The first thing I noticed about this product was how amazing it smells! It has a zingy scent to it which is the ginger as well as lemon, lime and Bergamot. Although to me, it smells like cola bottles! The Ginger Soufflé range had me intrigued - they have a wide range of products. I picked the body lotion because I feel I need to make more of an effort with keeping my skin moisturised.

Never A Dull Moment
An exfoliant which helps buff away dead skin cells, to re-create a fresh newness on the skins surface.  This 'face polisher' smells like Papaya... Mmm!

Clear Improvement
 I've used this mask before, so this was more of a re-purchase for me. I know some people struggle with removing the mask once dry, but I use an old make up sponge soaked in warm water - works like a treat. This charcoal mask draws out impurities to unclog pores. I also find it helps brighten my skin and give me a clearer complexion because of all the nasty stuff it is drawing out from the skin.

Clean Energy
As noted on the bottle this is a gentle cleansing oil for the face. This can remove daily build up and also make up. It is supposed to be massaged into the skin, then by adding water it turns into a milky cleanser which is best removed with a cleansing cloth. Looking forward to using this!

Conditioning Lip Balm
This is another repurchase as I've used it before and absolutely loved it. It is a conditioning lip balm with turmeric. Turmeric is a spice commonly used in India and China for its healing properties. It also contains other ingredients more commonly found in lip balms such as Cocoa Butter and Jojoba. It's great for really sore chapped lips.

What do you think of the Origins range?

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