Origins - Clean Energy Cleansing Oil

Sunday, June 14, 2015

I'm slowly making my way through my massive Origins haul (Part 1 & Part 2) and so far I'm loving it! 

Next up, is this cleansing oil that I have been reaching to again and again. Firstly, it smells devine - I love a 'spa smelling' product, you know that smell that hits you when you enter an amazing treatment room at a spa... Yeah, that!

Aside from smelling great, I really think this product is doing slightly more for my skin than just cleansing it. It feels like it really gets to work on removing daily grime and build up. The oil is very lightweight and viscous, which makes applying it very easy. 

As recommended, I rub a little bit of the oil (a little goes a long way) between my fingertips to warm it up. I then massage it gently all over my face, making sure to reach every area (this is the part where I like to close my eyes and pretend I'm at a spa having a facial haha). After this, adding a little warm water to the face transforms the oil into a milky cleansing lotion. I use a warm cleansing/muslin cloth to then remove the product all together. My skin feels nourished and thoroughly cleansed!

I usually follow up with a separate calming/cooling cleanser, but this isn't completely necessary as the oil works well on its own. On a whole this product is great, the only place it loses a few points is on the packaging. The opening is quite large so it is easy for a lot of product to pour out. I almost feel like it needs a pump or something?! I guess I could use a cotton pad to apply the oil to my face but I prefer using my warm fingers.

If you're looking for a cleansing oil which removes dirt, stubborn makeup and leaves the skin feeling moisturised, this is definitely a must try. Origins are great at offering samples for you to take away and try, so next time you pass a counter give this one a go!

Do you have any cleansing oils you swear by? Also, If you have any 'spa smelling' product recommendations please please share! 

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