Beautifully Lost Weekend - Maltby St. Market

Sunday, July 26, 2015

A couple of weekends ago I visited Maltby Street Market situated in Southwark, Greater London. 

I happened to come across it by chance whilst hangrily browsing through Instagram for pictures of food. Hoping to find some inspiration on what I wanted to eat, and I came across some geotags from this place. The next day I headed out to see it for myself (social media working at it's best)!

It's a fascinating stretch of road right next to a railway line and residential area. It's not huge in size and therefore it doesn't take very long for you to walk through the market. Having said that, I think that's exactly what makes it work. The street may be short and narrow, but it is full of great character!

We arrived early on Sunday morning. Stalls were still setting up as we eagerly whizzed past each one, deciding what we would eat once they were taking orders. People were slowly filling the place up. There is a lot on offer, even in the limited space. Mexican food, Indian food, delicious looking falafels, huge burgers, pastries, waffles and so much more. All with their own unique twist.

We headed straight for The Cheese Truck (warning - mouth watering photos in link) for a grilled cheese sandwich. I have been craving a proper grilled cheese sandwich for a very long time, and let me tell you these guys know how to make a grilled cheese! They have a refined menu which uses a combinations of various cheeses, all very tempting and all I'm sure very delicious. I had the Goat's Cheese, Honey, Walnut and Rosemary Butter grilled cheese sandwich and it was perfect. If you're a fan of goat's cheese you will certainly like this. I also tried the Keens Cheddar, Oghelshield and Onion grilled cheese which was equally as delicious. I secretly enjoyed this a tiny bit more as you can't beat an original! I just know I will be back for another serving of grilled cheese soon.

We picked up a couple of doughnuts from St John Bakery which were the icing on the cake for an afternoon of eating - the chocolate filled was my favourite. We also discovered an antiques and restoration warehouse in the midst of the market. They have so many wonderful objects on offer, all so fascinating and unique. Perfect place to pick out some statement pieces for the home, I saw pretty watering cans that I fell in love with - I know.. watering cans!

The market is only a short distance from Tower Bridge, so if you're ever visiting, be sure to go and have a walk over the bridge to The Tower of London. It's a beautiful area with some great views!


Let me know if you know of any street food markets that you love - I'd love to visit!

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