Homemade Face Mask - Oats, Honey & Lemon

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

This may look like breakfast, and for some it might actually have been. But this is another great DIY mask I've been loving this summer.

As you may know by now my skin is dry and I suffer from dry patches from time to time. This sucks, but there are ways to combat it. It's also really important to treat dry areas on the face if you tend to wear foundation or concealer; as product and look cakey and cling to the dry skin (not cute).

Oats are amazing for dry skin. Often found in moisturisers and body lotions, the properties oats contain are very beneficial to those who suffer from dry skin, or for skin that lacks moisture. They are known to balance ph levels in the skin which relieves itchiness. It also works to combat that horrible feeling of heat under the skin you just can't seem to scratch! (dry skin sufferers will know what I'm talking about here).

Honey adds moisture and suppleness back to the skin, and the lemon juice is antibacterial. This face mask will leave the skin feeling cool and rested. It feels great on the skin and I often leave it on slightly longer than usual masks because it just feels so refreshing!

Although this is made to be a face mask, it can also be used on other areas. I have dry skin at the inner joints of my elbows so I also apply some to this area too. I don't leave it on for very long here and I moisturise thoroughly after removing. If using on areas other than the face, avoid putting in the lemon juice.

So, next time you're making yourself some porridge in the morning, treat your skin to some goodness as well as your stomach! Besides, this is probably one of the quickest homemade face masks to make, and you probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen already.

Beautifully Lost's Oats, Honey & Lemon Mask:

  • handful of dry oats (plain ones from the cereal isle work fine)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • small lemon wedge (optional)

  1. Soak the oats in water for a few hours or overnight to soften them up (this step is optional, the oats will just feel a little coarse if they aren't soaked)
  2. Next add in the tablespoon of honey and stir
  3. Squeeze of lemon juice
  4. Add a little coconut flour to thicken (again this step is optional)
  5. Using a face mask brush, or fingers apply the mask to your face, avoiding the eye area
  6. Leave on the skin for 15 minutes or longer if you're totally loving the cooling sensation!
  7. Remove the mask using warm water

Have you made any homemade face masks lately?

Take a look at my previous mask:

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