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Sunday, October 04, 2015

I am a total sucker for anything sweet.. And when it comes to doughnuts I simply cannot resist.

So when the suggestion of trying out Crosstown Doughnuts came up, I took a look at their social media pages and I was sold! Next stop, Broadwick Street.

Crosstown Doughnuts are available at a number of different foodie spots, so you won't have to go far to find them, trust me it's worth it. When I say these doughnuts are seriously good, I mean it. I even had to dedicate an entire post to them!

Ok, so they are fairly pricey for what is essentially balls of flavoured dough.. but it's not an everyday treat and they have a great range of flavours on offer too. Besides, you could always skip the dessert at a restaurant and head down to these guys instead. The store is a cute, cosy bakery with a friendly atmosphere and staff that really know their doughnuts. So feel free to ask them about what's in the doughnuts, how they're made and their recommendations.

Being a chocolate fiend my favourite was obviously the chocolate one. Belgian Chocolate Truffle Doughnut to be exact. It is a ring doughnut topped with milk and dark chocolate, a sprinkle of bittersweet dark cocoa powder, and a filling of milk chocolate truffle mousse - heaven!

Other delicious creations include the Sri Lankan Cinnamon Sugar Ring Doughnut - a lovely cinnamon sugar coated doughnut. Also, the classic Vanilla Bean Glazed Doughnut with the signature Crosstown chocolate cross is a must try.

Regardless of what flavour you opt for in the end, they are very satisfying indeed. Soft, pillowy and light, these doughnuts were definitely a hit in my books and some of the best doughnuts I've tried!

Take a look at the pictures below and if you're ever near one of the stockists or store, give them a go!

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