Sunday, October 18, 2015

On my (not so) recent trip to New York, I was trawling through isles in Sephora, as you do, and came across this cute little travel set from Drybar.

Drybar is a Californian based company that started off by provided hairstyling services to their clients. Expanding into hair products, the company has now grown to become very well known and respected in the industry. 

I had heard about their products before going to New York so these were definitely on my shopping list! I'm glad I came across this set of minis as it's perfect for trialling a few products at once.

This set is called the I Heart Road Trips Travel Kit. Very apt, it was calling out to me so I couldn't resist! It includes three travel sized hair products, each great for different purposes.

Let's get to know the products:

Mini Triple Sec - This is definitely my favourite. It is a 3-in-1 spray that volumizes, texturizes and refreshes the hair all in one go. This isn't just a dry shampoo let's just clear that up, it is much more than that! I can honestly say that this does everything that it says on the can. I have used dry shampoo in the past and really disliked them. This however freshens up my hair without it feeling laden with white powder. This lifts flat hair and adds the right amount of texture and volume as well as being weightless. I love it!

Mini Mai Spritzer - This is a Sea Salt spray. It creates beach waves and is made with natural Sea Salt, Avocado Oil and Aloe which provide nourishment and hydration to the hair to stop becoming brittle and dry. I love that this product also cares for the hair as sea salt sprays can often be harsh. The scent is of this product is also lovely and subtle.

Mini Chaser Shine Cream - My hair can seriously misbehave if i haven't taken the correct precautions after washing it. This is where this hair serum comes into play. The pomade provides shine and hydration to locks. It takes away frizz and smoothes ends to look fresh and tamed. It is made with some lovely ingredients that really help the condition of hair too! Moringa Seed Oil provides strength, Hibiscus extract protects and repairs damaged ends and Olive Oil and Jojoba hydrates and nourishes. It's a little tube of goodness!

There is something in this collection for everyone in my opinion. Most of the products are for all hair types and safe for coloured hair too. I will definitely be buying more from their range in the future. I just hope they become more available in the UK... Drybar what do you say..?

Happy Sunday!

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