Brow Pencils - Anastasia Vs Soap & Glory

Friday, November 13, 2015

I was unsure for a while as to whether firstly, I even needed to fill my brows in and secondly which brown pencil to use! With extreme fear of looking like I have caterpillars for eyebrows, I wanted it to be as subtle as possible! Filling eyebrows doesn't need to be a drastic (or scary) look. In fact, brow pencils are only supposed to make brows look sightly fuller, making them neat and tidy which helps to frame the eyes. They do a great job of enhancing what you are already working with - which is what make up should really be all about!
These are two I've been using for a while now..

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Perfect Brow Pencil

After hearing so much about the brand, I bought this brow pencil being a little unsure of how it would perform. I had sampled it at the store before purchasing and instantly fell in love with it. I'm all about quick, easy and effortless make up and although this is a slightly more pricey brow pencil, I don't feel as though I need to be cautious when using it. 

It is a softer brow pencil but this doesn't mean the product comes off thick. It is still very buildable and easy to work depending on what type of look you are going for. One of the things I love most about this brown pencil is that they have a wide range of colours available, so no matter what shade you're after, I'm sure you'll be able to find it here. The spooli is soft and doesn't tug at the brows, but is also stiff enough to help blend the product in to achieve a natural look.

Priced at £18 it's definitely the more expensive end of brow pencils. Regardless of this, I think it is a great purchase and the price is justified. It applies so well and the colour is great and long lasting. I'll definitely be repurchasing this one!

Soap & Glory - Archery Brow Pencil

This brow pencil from Soap & Glory is actually part of my everyday favourites. I turn to this pencil regularly as firstly at only £8 it is great value for money. Secondly it provides just the right amount of "fill" without looking like I've drawn my eyebrows on entirely. I have quite full brows, so I don't need to fill them in heavily, therefore this product does a great job at defining what you are already working with! Very easy to work with, I find the product in this pencil a little lighter and firmer than the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil. 

Really great for everyday use I really recommend this as a first brow pencil. The spooli bristles are a little stiffer and great for tidying the brow hairs up. A possible down side is that it only comes in two colours; Blondeshell and Hot Chocolate. But judging by the amount of times Hot Chocolate is sold out, goes to show how popular it is! I'm already on my second repurchase of this brow pencil and I know I'll be repurchasing again - no brainer.

Both brow pencils are great and serve their purpose. If you have the money to spend I would recommend the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil. It has a great texture and durability, as well as a great colour range to select from to match your browns perfectly. However if you're just starting out with brow pencils or you need something price efficient for everyday use, the Archery Brow Pencil wins that round.

Have you tried either of these, which one do you prefer?

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