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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

With summer fast approaching and more people jetting off on holiday I thought I'd share some of my travel skincare favourites. I usually take these on long haul flights when my skin needs the most care and attention.

I have recently come back from my trip to Hawaii, and these little gems were travelling with me.

I always buy mini versions of my favourite skincare so I am able to take them with me in my carry on luggage. It's much easier than having to decant and label everything! Luckily for me a couple of these products were samples or in one of my beauty subscription boxes. So It's always handy to save your samples!

Flying really dries out the skin so it is so important to keep it hydrated and looked after - before and during the flight if possible. The last thing you want on holiday is to arrive at your destination with dehydrated or dry skin.

I carry a good cleanser to remove everything off the skin, we don't want foundation and mascara sitting on our skin for hours on end. A hydrating serum and good moisturiser are also essential. I always carry hand cream with me in my handbag too. The only thing missing from the picture below is a nourishing lip balm which I also took along with me.

A great little cleanser to get rid of make up and nasties on the skin for a fresh, clean and smooth skin surface. It works great at removing make up including stubborn mascara. I dot a small amount around my face and massage into the skin, then just rinse the muslin cloths under hand hot water and buff off.

This oil based cleanser is great for a deeper cleanse when you really need to give your skin a bit of a helping hand. I tend to use this as a second cleanse. once applied to the face, I then massage into my skin with a little water. This turns the cleanser into a milky solution which you can really feel clearing out the skin.

This is a serum I received as part of a sample set. This little bottle has lasted me such a long time and I absolutely love it. I love serums in general but this one is fantastic at putting back the moisture in my skin. The results are long lasting and my moisturiser feels so much more comfortable on with this as a base. A little hydrating beauty that your skin will thank you for after a long flight.

This particular item is a strange one as it has a gel-cream texture. Weird but wonderful! It gives long lasting intense moisture. Its perfect for normal to combination skin and I tend to pop a tiny amount of this on over the serum. It is extremely light weight and does wonders for pluming and hydrating the skin, keeping it looking fresh and healthy. A little goes a long way with this so it's best to use small amounts.

Everyone has a favourite hand cream and this has been mine for a while now. I love that it is very creamy and a thick consistency without being greasy. It soaks into the skin wonderfully and it smells gorgeous!

One of my absolute favourite lip balms. So incredibly soft and nourishing, it leaves my lips plump and protected. I use this every night before bed, which means I wake up with smooth healthy lips. I pop this on at the end of my skincare routine and I'm pretty much covered for a good few hours.

What are your favourite skincare travel companions?

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