Origins - Never a Dull Moment

Sunday, August 28, 2016

I have been loving this for as long as I can remember! When my cleansing routine needs to be taken up a notch I usually reach for this before anything else.

Not only does it smell divine, but I can really see it polishing my skin to perfection. The Never a Dull Moment scrub is made with Apricot, Mango seeds and Papaya Extracts. These ingredients alone are enough to tempt me into any skincare! We all know how fantastic Papaya is for skin (homemade face mask ideas popping into my head) so I'm really glad Origins have featured this in the mix.

This non foaming scrub is great for exfoliating off dead skin cells and helps bring out a fresh youthful glow. Unlike many exfoliators I have tried, this one does not cause irritation or any redness to my skin, which is great because no one has time for patchy red skin!

My skin always feels refreshed and ready to go after this scrub, it's definitely one of my faves.

What's your go to scrub or exfoliator when your skin is feeling dull?

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